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An aspiring actor, a radio DJ, a phone sex operator, and a podcaster interview local comics about their life in comedy, their views of the local scene, and we have them enter the “Comics Corner.” We also discuss random topics, current events, go off on tangents, read Reddit posts, a whole slew of stuff! Some regular segments include “Garbage People Doing Garbage Things,” “Disturbingly Attractive Women,” “Millenial Mayhem,” “Get off My Lawn,” and tons more!


August 12, 2019

Ep. 039 - Robert Berry

The gang is joined by Robert Berry! We talk comedy classes, slam poetry, traveling to other cities to perform, he enters the Comics Studio, Big Nick falls in love with Twitter again, Danielle has a garbage story, Joron is in rare form, Rob talks the Democratic Socialist Convention, and tons more!!! Follow the show and our guest:

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August 5, 2019

Ep. 038 - Joey C

Gag On This Crew is joined by Joey C.! We talk his time in comedy, starting and running an open mic and the issues it presents, Joey's views on today's PC culture in comedy, he enters the "Comic's Studio," Nick shares his views on the Grateful Dead, Danni D. reads her Astrological Reading, Rob discusses glASS beach, and tons more!

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The #GagOnThis crew is joined by Carlos Rodriguez! This episode had so much information in it we had to extend it! He talks his comedy career, a new comedy show with the Oakland A's, he dispenses his years of touring experience for new comics, he enters the Comics Studio, we talk about old school video games, what movies hold up as time goes on, what the panels favorite horror films are, what are "man movies" vs. "woman movies," and of course random tangents galore! Be sure to follow our guest and the show on social media and leave us a review!


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July 22, 2019

Ep. 036 - Zach Edlow

The gang is joined by Zach Edlow! They discuss the storming of Area 51, comedy in sobriety, he enters the "Comics Studio," Big Nick talks 13th steppin', Disney through the eyes of an adult, we remind Rob that Toy Story has a lesbian scene, Danielle talks hot killers, Zach gives parental advice, and we end with Zach talking about getting a massage at a questionable place.

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The gang sat with Paul Burke, owner of Blacktop Comedy in Rocklin! We are also joined by an audience member who was a great addition!! We discussed how he got in to improv, the stressors of running a comedy club, "Inside the Improvisers Studio," last movie we cried at, Danielle plays a weird game with her daughter, how to dress like a pimp, Astrological readings, and tons more! 

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Buddy Rahming joins the #GagOnThis crew to discuss his previous acting roles and a behind the scenes of the industry, #Joron and Buddy discuss the frustrations with the industry, how he got into acting, his comedy, he enters the Comics Studio, Danielle can't believe Buddy and Nick have not seen Rick and Morty, Big Nick asks what country the panel would want to die in, Ancient Aliens, the state of rap today and tons more!!! Follow our guest, the gang, and our pages on social media!

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This episode was recorded at Laughs Unlimited and the guest was the great Josh Means! He talked his recent #skankfest naked roast battle win, seeing Louis CK, watching a marriage proposal go wrong, and then we are joined by Jay Wuck and Kristen Frisk to talk the #GetFriskedandWucked show, and Nick V. pops in for a bit! We all enter the Comics Studio, including the hosts! Follow us @GagOnThis_Pod and subscribe to our podcast!

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June 24, 2019

Ep. 032 - Ed Mena

The gang is all back together and joined by Ed Mena (@DirtySoap666). They discuss his cross country comedy road trip, performing in New York and Minnesota, Ed grills Big Nick on his crappy musical taste, Rob is as gaseous as the Sun, Ed enters the "Comics Studio," we make fun of Joron's last episode, get jiggy with Jesus, listen to Baby Metal, and end with Plugapalooza! Jacqui Pirl Jay Wuck and David Thorne stop by as well! Follow us on Instagram/Twitter @GagOnThis_Pod

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June 17, 2019

Ep. 031 - Danny Luna

The gang is joined by Danny Luna @lunajokes916 and we discuss his time in comedy, his thoughts on Big Nick having a perm, Danni D and Joron remember the exact day they lost their virginity, Joron gets tipsy and lets us know how really feels, Danni pines for Rob to be back, Big Nick gives everyone their Wu Tang name, we talk about where we were during the White Bronco chase, and Josh Means @jmeanz comes through to discuss roast battles. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @GagOnThis_Pod www.freakshowproductions.net

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June 10, 2019

Ep. 030 - Johnny Casino

The gang is down Portuguese Pimp but that doesn't stop the rest of them having a great time with Johnny Casino! We discuss Casino Table, John's view of the local scene, Nick brings up weird subreddits, what it takes to have a good BM, his upcoming podcast, his upcoming weekly mic and what it takes to get one going, and tons more!!! Oh yeah, Book Johnny Casino!!!!!!

@casinostable @thejohnnycasino @radchick4ever @bignicjoh @gouveiarob 


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